How Bath Bomb Cards Work

Bath Bomb Cards are a unique blend of creativity and self-care. Each card is a handcrafted bath bomb that not only delivers a heartwarming message but also transforms into a luxurious bath experience. To use them, recipients can simply run a warm bath, drop the Bath Bomb Card into the water, and watch as it fizzes and releases captivating scents. It's a delightful way to send a message and a moment of relaxation.

These cards make for perfect gifts, combining the joy of a personal note with the indulgence of a spa-worthy bath. The scents are carefully curated, and the ingredients are safe for all, including children. It's a thoughtful and charming way to show you care, turning a simple greeting into a sensory delight.

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Indulge in Luxury

Bath Bomb Cards: A Spa Experience in a Card

Experience the magic of our Bath Bomb Cards—a unique blend of creativity and self-care. These handcrafted bath bombs not only deliver heartwarming messages but also transform into a luxurious bath experience. Here's what makes them special:

Write a personal message on these cards with any pen, making each one a unique and thoughtful gift.
Our bath bomb cards fully dissolve in water, leaving no waste behind. They are eco-friendly and crafted with sustainability in mind.
Hidden Surprises
Each Bath Bomb Card conceals a bath bomb inside, creating a surprise element for an even more enjoyable bath experience.
Sensory Delight
Immerse yourself in the enchanting scents of our Bath Bomb Cards, carefully crafted with 100% pure essential oils for a delightful sensory experience.

“Our journey on Dragons' Den was nothing short of magical, much like our Bath Bomb Cards. The dragons were captivated by the concept and fell in love with the enchanting scents. The moment they experienced the aroma, one of them exclaimed, 'They smell amazing!' We received rave reviews for our eco-friendly approach and the surprise element of a hidden bath bomb. Our unique product left a lasting impression on the dragons."

Tim Upton
Co-Founder of Bath Bomb Cards